Development of a multi-purpose water management system in Hungary

Back in the 1970s, a Multi-Purpose Water Management System (HTVR) was planned in the region around Debrecen in Hungary, but it was never completed. Decades later, in response to societal needs, the first stage of a new development program CIVAQUA can begin.

The main needs for regional development to be covered by the CIVAQUA program are:

  • Establishment of irrigation facilities in valuable agricultural areas around Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city
  • Improvement of the environmental condition of Debrecen by creating a wet-land zone to be established in the line of the Tócó stream
  • Reduction of dust pollution
  • Improved groundwater enrichment and microclimate, and prevention of degradation processes as a result of improved water management in Great Forest, Debrecen
  • Elimination of water scarcity by replenishment of the Erdőspuszta lakes

The project also contributes to the long-term goal of transporting water without pressure from Tisza – from the ridge pipeline to the planned 170 hectare Ágod Valley reservoir. This reservoir will greatly contribute to the solution of insufficient inland drainage and water accumulation problems in the area. In future, it will also be filling the 57 hectare Nagy tó/Debrecen reservoir.

The purpose of the project is implementation of a sustainable water management in the region, and the main goal is development of the valuable agricultural areas west of Debrecen. The areas cover about 2300 hectares, and irrigation water can be supplied from the Eastern Main Canal.

First stage includes construction of a branch pipeline. A 6,200 m pipeline with a diameter of 1,000 mm which will supply water from the ridge pipeline to the furture Ágod Valley reservoir, as well as to the planned recreational lake area at the border of Debrecen. For every 500 metres, a water extraction facility must be established on the pipeline.

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