Knife gate valves for sand extraction

High-quality, custom-made AVK knife gate valves have been delivered for a sand extraction classification plant in the Netherlands.

Zandwinning Oosterweilanden is located between Almelo and Vriezenveen from where sand is extracted for various applications. With a sustainable, state-of-the-art set-up, the extracted sand is distributed to several depots on the site and then delivered to various customers in the region.

Various transport lines are used to supply and route the extracted sand. After extraction, it is processed in a grading plant classifying the sand grains by millimetre thickness, and then it is stored in one of the depots.

The supplier of the plant installation already used AVK knife gate valves as standard, which with a few updates, in addition to water and wastewater applications, also are suitable for medias such as sand and struvite.



Knife gate valves

Knife gate valves are designed mainly for on-off and isolation services in systems with high content of suspended solids. The knife gate valves are especially beneficial for handling slurry, viscous, corrosive and abrasive media. The valves have a minimised pressure drop in fully open position, they are easy to actuate, they have a relatively low weight and are cost effective.


Knife gate valves

Animation about the features of our knife gate valves series 702.