Water treatment plant for the city of Písek

The city of Písek has got its own water treatment plant. Písek is situated in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic and has an interesting history dating back to the 13th century. For decades, the city has been using resources brought in from water treatment many kilometers away.

The construction of a water treatment plant was decided by the city management. The main reason was to ensure the water supply to the city independent of remote sources. Thanks to good technology, the city can with the new construction use local resources and deliver drinking water of high quality. The project was a total investment of almost 10 million euro, but despite the vast investment, the price of water will still be very favorable for the citizens.

The treatment plant has a total capacity of 70m3/sec and will be supplying the nearly 30,000 inhabitants of the city. The plant uses surface water from the Otava river situated on the outskirts of the city. 

AVK VOD-KA was chosen as the supplier of fittings for the project following a cooperation with the designer company and presentations of technical solutions based on local area knowledge. In addition, the investor, the town of Písek, already had experience with the AVK brand.

Expect quality in every step

Our adherence to the deadlines for the delivery of materials and a flexible reaction to requirements for on-site changes during the construction was highly appreciated by the customer.

After a year of operation, everything works well with no exceptions. The flawless results have already led to additional orders of AVK solutions to another investment project in the city, and we are looking forward to a continued cooperation.

AVK products

The following AVK products were delivered to the water treatment plant in Písek:

Centric butterfly valves series 75
Check valves series 41
Pressure reducing control valves series 859
Gate valves series 06

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Gate valves

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