Upgrade of the Hoa Lien water treatment plant to meet the increasing needs for water supply

The growth in population, production and tourism in Vietnam is highly dependent on a stable water supply. Therefore, an extensive project has been initiated in the city of Da Nang.

The Hoa Lien water treatment plant is the largest plant in Da Nang city situated on the Eastern coast of Vietnam. Due to the growing tourism, production and population, it was decided to expand the plant’s daily water capacity to 120,000 m3 with the possibility of expanding even further to 240,000 m3. 

Hopefully, the project will also help prevent contamination of the local environment: Rivers, especially in the southern area of the city, are vulnerable to salt contamination in the dry season. The discharge of untreated domestic and industrial wastewater as well as careless disposal of garbage by residents along the rivers are two other reasons for river and lake water contamination. As a result, old facilities have been forced to stop operation, leading to water shortage in the area. Therefore, the Hoa Lien plant pumps river water from other areas along the river, which are not salty, to treat and supply to the residents.

10.6 km water pipeline in DN1400

The expansion of the plant will be carried out in two stages. The first stage was to establish a spillway on the Cu De River to source water. A big raw water pumping station (727m2) was built and a 10.6 km long water pipeline in DN1400 was installed underground, running from the pumping station in Hoa Bac to the Hoa Lien water treatment plant.

Drinking water certifications were essential

Hawaco Central, a local technical consultancy company in Da Nang, and AVK Vietnam teamed up for the project. With the support of other AVK Group companies including AVK International A/S, AVK Polska, Wouter Witzel Eurovalve and AC.MO S.r.l., AVK Vietnam and Hawaco put together an ideal solution for the project. Our valves meet the strict technical specifications of the installation and can ensure quality in coastal climates and potential saline water sources.

An important factor in the product evaluation process turned out to be our valves’ many certifications for drinking water by independent international organisations such as WRAS, DVGW and KIWA.  AVK International has delivered flanged resilient gate valves, series 06/30, from DN100 to DN400 and double orifice air relief valves, series 851, from DN100 to DN200.

Product insights

AVK gate valves

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AVK air valves for water supply

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