Remote monitoring of valves saves time and resources

Recently, VIDI Positioners were added to vital valves at Strømmen Water Utility in Denmark. This means that the staff can now check the valve position remotely, without having to estimate or check-up manually.

To keep track of what is going on in the system – and where – Strømmen Water Utility has divided their supply network into four separate zones, also referred to as district metering areas (DMAs).

The valves installed on the “borders” between these zones are called DMA valves and these are very important, as by separating the zones, they allow for water balance and NRW calculations. It is therefore critical to know the open/close position of these valves, meaning whether they are open or closed or something in between.

Precise data from DMA valves

To work efficiently with DMAs, you rely on knowing the exact position of the DMA valves. Therefore, Strømmen Water Utility decided to install VIDI Positioners on eight strategic valves, so they always have the exact information right at hand. The VIDI Positioner is an IoT sensor that indicates in percentage how much the valve is open, and it reports any operating activities opening or closing the valves.

Based on this information, the water utility can optimize the operation of the water distribution network, extend lifetime of the installed assets, and reduce water loss.

In the map below you can see how data is presented in our VIDI Cloud software. The map shows four valves with a VIDI Positioner installed, including their opening positions in percentages.

With direct access to these vital data, the water utility employees save a lot of manual work and time since they can now check the position of the valves from wherever they are without wasting time on checking the valves manually.

Easy transmission of data

Strømmen Water Utility is working together with Rambøll, a global engineering and consultancy company, who is supplying them with valuable GIS maps of the water supply network and its equipment.

The image below shows the GIS map of Strømmen Water Utility’s supply network, illustrating pipelines, valves and fire hydrants that make up the supply system. The VIDI Positioners send data to Rambøll through the open API, which makes it easy to transmit data to a third-party software. This means that the utility only needs one single system to gain a full overview of the network.

In the map you can see three VIDI Positioners, shown as green/red dots, indicating whether the valves are open or closed.


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