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AVK is renowned worldwide for high-quality valves and hydrants. We contribute to sustainable solutions on global challenges within supply of clean drinking water, reduction of water loss, collection and treatment of wastewater, distribution of gas and biogas, and efficient irrigation and fire protection.

Welcome to AVK

AVK valves and hydrants are part of vital infrastructure systems. We manufacture valves and accessories approved for distribution of drinking water and smart water solutions for digital monitoring of the water network. Our wide range also includes products for irrigation that ensure efficient use of water in agriculture as well as valves that withstand even the toughest conditions for all stages of wastewater treatment. AVK valves that not only meet, but also exceed, the highest safety standards are used for distribution of natural gas to be used for heating and electricity, and we take part in the transition to green energy by delivering valves for biogas applications. Our hydrants are used for outdoor fire protection systems in industrial areas and by firefighters to extinguish fires in our communities. Our high-quality valves, hydrants and accessories make a difference and offer the most cost-efficient solution for our customers in the long run.

AVK International A/S is part of the AVK Group, a family-owned Danish company employing +4,800 people worldwide. AVK International manufactures a selection of valves and accessories, and by adding additional product types from the other AVK factories we are able to offer a very wide range of high-quality products to the markets in our geographical region covering Continental Europe, Central Asian and Caucasian countries and North Africa. 

AVK International A/S in Skovby, Denmark

Fast delivery service with our 13,000 m2 distribution centre


AVK International A/S employs approx. 230 people

4 sites

3 factories and a distribution centre in Galten, DK


We supply to 50 countries


Interactive AVK world

Most of our products are hidden under the ground, so it’s not often you get to see them. In our interactive AVK world, you can learn more about our products and see where they are typically used.

Factory tour video

Factory tour

Get an introduction to AVK International with our factory tour video showing our approach to consistent high quality.


AVK Sustainability Report 2022/2023

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