AVK delivers to one of the largest battery factories in Europe

In January 2018, SK Innovation, the third biggest company in South Korea, started building one of the largest battery factories in Europe – a total investment of 280 mio. euro creating 410 new jobs.

The factory will produce lithium batteries for electric vehicles and it will be located on a 430,000 square metre site in the industrial park of Komárom in the western part of Hungary.


The new factory is scheduled to commence mass production in the beginning of 2020, and when completed in 2022 the manufactured battery capacity will be around 7.5 GWh per year – able to supply 250,000 cars with batteries.


From the beginning of the planning phase back in 2017, we have been cooperating with the designer providing datasheets, drawings, technical descriptions etc. Later, the contractor OK BAU Kft., one of the biggest special civil engineer companies in Hungary, came to visit our headquarters in Denmark and thus, got knowledge about the quality and the scope of our product range prior to choosing our solutions for the factory.

Through Paor-Víz Kft., one of our distributors in the Hungarian market, we delivered gate valves and ductile iron fittings for the sprinkler system and gate valves, service connection valves and Supa Maxi adapters for the water system as well as extension spindles and surface boxes. All deliveries were completed within two weeks.

AVK product delivered to the project

Gate valves:
Nearly 200 pcs AVK series 06


Ductile iron fittings:
More than 15 pcs AVK series 712


POM service connection valves:
More than 15 pcs AVK series 16


Supa Maxi™ adapters:
Approx. 40 pcs AVK series 633


150 pcs extension spindles

150 pcs plastic surface boxes


Gate valves

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