Repair of socket joint and its basement on DN900 water pipeline

Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collar used for repairing leaking socket joint on old and fragile concrete pipeline located in the Lecce district in Puglia in southern Italy.

In 2019, the Technical Department of Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A. asked us to arrange technical inspection of the Sifone Leccese pipeline. It was necessary to find a solution to repair a severe leak on the socket connection of the concrete pipe. The pipe was very old, and some cracks had appeared on its anchor blocks. The anchor blocks were moulded directly on the pipe, so water leaked from the cracks as if it leaked directly from the pipe wall itself.

The fragile pipe called for a light-weight repair collar

We had a situation with two problems; the leak itself and a slow collapse of the pipeline because of continuous enlarging of the cracks on the anchor blocks. Two fitters from Hydro-Cos went to the site to study the situation and take measurements. On the upper part, the concrete joint was only 25 mm high, while on the lower part, the height of the joint including the anchor block exceeded 300 mm.

Considering the fragility of the pipe caused by the serious damage to the anchor block, we proposed our Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collar. Because of its light-weight design it would only cause a minimum amount of stress on the damaged pipe anchor. In order to reduce the vertical extension of the collar, we manufactured a DN100 lower flange spigot in the form of a mouth-of-a flute intersection.

After installation, it was only necessary to place two small support devices under the pipe on each side of the concrete joint, to replace the anchor block now encapsulated in the Hydro Fast collar.

Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collars

Our Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collar is a dedicated repair collar designed to encapsulate and seal a leaking or displaced spigot/socket joint connecting two pipes of the same material.

It is made of fabricated carbon steel with WRAS approved fusion bonded epoxy coating and WRAS approved EPDM sealings. It features a light-weight design and angular deflection of up to 6°, making it very easy to handle and install. It is available in DN300-3000.

Other socket encapsulation collars in our range

For smaller pipe dimensions DN80-250, our dedicated Hydro Smart collar is suitable for connecting pipes of the same material. 

The Hydro Stop socket encapsulation collar is a universal repair collar designed to encapsulate and seal a leaking or displaced spigot/socket joint connecting two pipes of different materials, flange connections on steel pipes as well as remnants of previous repairs. It features up to 40 mm pipe OD tolerance and is available in DN350-3000.