Monitoring valve open/close position in the Dutch water supply network

VIDI Positioners have been installed on valves in the supply network of the Dutch drinking water company PWN. The Positioner collects information about valve open/close position and this way increases reliability of data measurements from the distribution network.

PWN supplies drinking water to more than 800,000 consumers, in total using around 110 billion liters of drinking water every year. Almost half of the amount of water supplied by PWN is purified from surface water in the North Holland dunes.

PWN has 33,000 valves in their water distribution network managing the drinking water in North Holland. All valves are important, of course, but for some valves it is critical to know with absolute certainty whether the valve is open or closed. Worst case scenario, a wrongfully opened or closed valve can influence other measurements such as flow or pressure, and thereby give incorrect information about the distribution network. As this can affect the ability to ensure a fully functional water network and the best service for consumers, it is valuable information for PWN – as for any other utility – to know if their valves at critical points are open or closed.

As a pilot project at PWN, VIDI Positioner were installed on three valves for digital monitoring of the valve open/close positions, and a test environment was built to monitor data from the Positioners. This provides PWN the opportunity to react quickly in case of incidents requiring their attention, and also allows for optimization of maintenance activities in the network.

The project was scheduled for six months and was completed successfully and to the satisfaction of the utility. PWN and AVK Nederland have had an excellent relationship for many years, and we look forward to a continued successful collaboration.

About AVK Smart Water

The AVK Smart Water concept consists of battery-operated wireless IoT sensors for data collection directly from the network. The complex data is turned into valuable insights when integrated into either the existing IT system or into AVK Smart Water’s dedicated software platform.

VIDI Positioner detects the open/close position of a gate valve and transmits the data wirelessly. The measuring device is installed in combination with an AVK extension spindle on a gate valve, and this way it is easy to detect if the valve is rightfully opened or closed.


AVK Smart Water digital monitoring

AVK Smart Water has developed a concept where IoT assets installed on AVK standard valves and fire hydrants monitor the supply network and collect data.


AVK Smart Water

Digital monitoring makes it possible to optimize the way the supply network is being operated. Read more about our IoT sensors.
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