Preventive repair of socket joints on DN1200 water pipeline

Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collars used to protect two socket joints on concrete pipeline in Beirut City in Lebanon.

In 2018, we received a request from Beirut Water Authority, who wanted to secure two socket joints on the DN1200 concrete pipeline that supplies fresh water to Beirut City. This pipeline crosses the new Jal ed dib overpass, and the pillars of the new flyover were to be built next to the joints, so it was necessary to protect them from possible damage caused by the construction of the pillars. In fact, Beirut Water Authority wanted encapsulation collars for preventive repair of 
the socket joints.

Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collars did the job

Because of lack of space on site, a solution with a very short overall length was needed, since the maximum length was restricted to 600 mm. Therefore, we offered our Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collars, as they have no flanges, and the overall length could therefore be reduced to 530 mm. 

Three weeks delivery time 

The two repair collars were manufactured in 10 days and delivered in about three weeks including transportation. The contractor had asked us to supervise the installation, so we sent two fitters to Beirut to help the local workers. After two working days, both collars were installed, and no inconvenience had occurred during installation. 

The head engineer from Beirut Water Authority was really pleased with the solution and our service. According to him, Hydro Fast socket encapsulation collars are ”the best compromise between dependability and cost savings”.