Expansion of Centennial Road in Panama City

Expanding the main road from two to three lanes revealed a minor challenge. The AVK Supa Maxi™ tensile universal flange adaptors solved the problem.

Via Centenario is one of the two main roads leading into Panama City. The road crosses over the Panama Canal, and with more and more traffic, the road required an expansion from two to three lanes in the last interconnection section to the city. However, at this particular part of the road there were two 400 mm HDPE/PEAD drinking water lines which limited the load-bearing capacity of the pavement. 500 mm ductile iron pipes were therefore considered as a solution to the problem.

The challenge was the transition from HDPE/PEAD pipes to ductile iron pipes including the change of dimension from 400 mm to 500 mm. Supa MaxiTM universal tensile flange adaptors for the connection to the HDPE/PEAD pipe combined with reduction flanges and AVK series 260 fabricated flange adaptors for connection to the ductile iron pipes turned out to be the best solution.

The company Eurotech Process, representative of AVK in Panama, was in charge of the project.