Reconstruction of DN600 water transmission pipeline

In the Lake Balaton area in the Mid-West Hungary, one of the most important water supply pipelines was reconstructed with the use of Supa Maxi™ DN600 fittings.

The largest water utility in Hungary, DRV, operates water utilities owned by the Hungarian state and local governments. In the counties Baranya, Fejér, Somogy, Tolna, Veszprém and Zala, it provides drinking water to 830,000 inhabitants of almost 400 settlements as well as water supply to industrial and agricultural production plants by operating regional, micro-regional and local waterworks and industrial water supply systems.

One of the most important pipelines for water supply in the West-Balaton region is a 12.5 km DN600 drinking water transmission line running from Tapolca to Balatonederics. It is nearing the end of its service life, and the frequency of failures has started to prevent normal operation.

An open, international and public procurement tender has covered the reconstruction of the first 2.5 km of the transmission pipeline. The investor chose a cast iron pipeline for this first section, and AVK delivered double eccentric butterfly valves and duction iron fittings for the project.

The ductile iron was chosen as a durable solution with an expected lifetime of 100-150 years. As this is a regional, large diameter water transmission pipeline, slow opening and closing is required to avoid water hammer, and therefore, butterfly valves were chosen over standard gate valves. Besides the AVK double eccentric butterfly valves, the solutions included AVK dismantling joints and the first Supa Maxi™ couplings DN600 to be delivered in Hungary.

Supa Maxi™ universal tensile couplings

Supa Maxi™ comprises a complete range of large tolerance, universal and tensile couplings designed for underground use in water, wastewater and gas applications. The unique SupaGrip™ gasket design provides full support and backup of the gasket, even on minimum pipe size within the tolerance range and when used on oval pipes.

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AVK solutions for the project

AVK double eccentric butterfly valves, dismantling joints and Supa Maxi™ couplings and adaptors were delivered to the reconstruction project:

6 pcs DN600 AVK double eccentric butterfly valves
3 pcs DN600 AVK dismantling joints
4 pcs DN600 AVK Supa Maxi™ flange adaptors
3 pcs DN600 AVK Supa Maxi™ straight couplings


Double eccentric butterfly valves

Animation about features and variants of our double eccentric butterfly valves series 756.