AVK Smart Water IoT sensors

Battery-operated IoT sensors are game-changing when talking transparent network. AVK Smart Water’s sensors are set up with an interface that readies data, and makes it easily integrated into your preferred IT system. That way, data from multiple sources can be combined and create a collective overview of the water network.

VIDI Positioner

Avoid time-consuming tasks such as searching for anomalies caused by a wrongly positioned valve. With VIDI Positioner installed, you get continuous monitoring of critical valves, which will increase reliability of flow and pressure measurements in the distribution network.

VIDI Positioner indicates in percentages 0-100 how much the valve is open. That way, it is easy to detect if valves are rightfully opened or closed. Due to its battery and communication technology, VIDI Positioner is easy to install and can transmit data to any preferred IT system even from underground installations.

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Monitoring fire hydrants is a great way to detect tampering. With sensors installed on fire hydrants, it becomes easier to distinguish between real water loss or necessary use of water.

VIDI Cap provides valuable insights into the use of hydrants by remotely monitoring any operation of the cap. That way, you will be able to monitor any attempt to tamper with the hydrant, and even get an immediate warning in case of a collision. In addition, monitoring fire hydrants can help to control the risk of contamination.

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VIDI Pressure

Adjusting pressure to consumption will balance out pressure fluctuations, increase the lifetime of pipes, and optimise the amount of energy used by pumps.
With VIDI Pressure, you can get an overview of the pressure levels in the distribution network, which makes it easier to discover fluctuations. Due to its battery and communication technology, VIDI Pressure can be installed in chambers, wells or puts and still transmit data.

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Making DMA inlet meters remote read can help you continuously monitor the water balance and, in the end, detect leakages faster. With VIDI Flow connected to the pulse output of the flow meter, you will get an overview of the amount of water going into the DMA.

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VIDI Temperature

Water temperature in the distribution network varies depending on different parameters, which makes it necessary to monitor the temperature on an ongoing basis. VIDI Temperature measures and transmits the water temperature from -20° up to +80°, which will help you keep the recommended temperatures to avoid bacteria formation. Due to its flexible design, VIDI Temperature can easily be installed at selected points in the network.

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VIDI Open/Close 

Detecting the open/close position of different assets in the distribution network makes it easy to maintain an overview. VIDI Open/close can be installed on many different assets and in different applications, where there is a moving and a fixed part. A signal is transmitted every time the asset changes position.

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VIDI Level

Measuring the distance to the nearest surface is important when monitoring sand traps or wells. VIDI Level allows you to measure e.g. water or sand levels without the need for direct contact with the medium. Due to its flexible design, VIDI Level can easily be installed in sand traps or chambers and warn about flooding.

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AVK Smart Water

Digital monitoring makes it possible to optimize the way the supply network is being operated. Read more about our IoT sensors.


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