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In 2012 a renovation of two pumping stations in Ebeltoft, a tourist town in Denmark mostly known for its nice beaches and cobblestone streets, were carried out. The valves for this renovation were supplied by AVK.

Gate valves and knife gate valves are installed as service valves for the pumps to block for the water in case of a renovation of the pumps.  Also, swing check valves and ball check valves have been installed to make sure that the pumps do not run dry. One of the pumping stations also has an emergency system with an option to by-pass. Here additional knife gate valves are installed.

Larger than the typical ones

The pumping stations are built in different ways, and they are the two largest ones in Syddjurs municipality, both in terms of size and number of pumps and valves. A typical pumping station in the municipality has two pumps with associated valves and is approx. 10-15m2. The pumping stations in Ebeltoft are 2-3 times the size of the typical ones in the municipality because of the terrain and the population density.

Hidden below ground

The new pumping stations have the same capacity as the old ones, but the design is not at all the same. The landscape was given a high priority in the design of the new ones and in it was decided to place them below ground in order not to spoil the view.

Force of gravity

One pumping station pumps wastewater to the other pumping station. This pumping station is built in situ and it has a “tween deck” where the electrical installations are. The gravitational force makes the wastewater run to the pumping station only helped by a pump for wastewater from the nearby industries.

Grit chamber and bypass

The other pumping station is pumping the wastewater to the treatment plant. This pumping station is built in modules and has a grit chamber since it is the last station before the treatment plant. It also has an emergency system with a by-pass option in case of a break down in one of the pipelines. The emergency system also works as an entrance for cleaning pigs.


Ebeltoft is situated in Syddjurs municipality - an average municipality with a population of nearly 42,000 spread over about 17.000 households.

The municipality covers an area of almost 700 square kilometres with 11 wastewater treatment plants, 233 pumping stations and a pipeline network of about 1000 kilometres, handling approximately 16.000 million cubic meters of water per year.

Syddjurs Spildevand is handling the wastewater of the municipality. They have 34 employees and a yearly turnover of approximately 70 million Danish kroner (DKK). About 30 million DKK is used for operation and the remaining 40 million is used for maintenance of plants and investments in new projects.

The municipality has budgeted that a pumping station has an average life of 30 years and that four to eight pumping stations need to be renovated annually.

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Introduction to check valves

Check valves are generally installed in pipelines to prevent backflow. A check valve is basically a one-way valve, in which the flow can run freely one way, but if the flow turns the valve will close to protect the piping, other valves, pumps etc. If the flow turns and no check valve is installed, water hammer can occur. Water hammer often occur with an extreme force and will easily damage a pipeline or components.

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Wastewater treatment

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Knife gate valves

The design of our knife gate valves is simple and allows easy maintenance and cost effective installation. The valves are bidirectional and allow installation without any restrictions as to the direction of the flow.