Aquafin chooses AVK valves for renovation of pumping station in Brugge, Belgium

AVK solutions were delivered for the renovation of the wastewater pumping station Sint-Kruis in Brugge.

Standard products at Aquafin

Maarten Schueremans, project leader asset management electromechanics at Aquafin, is responsible for the project. "I have been working at Aquafin for 13 years and have been familiar with AVK products all of those years. Especially AVK gate valves, ball check valves and dismantling joints are standard products for us".

Quality and easy maintenance

"For the renovation of the wastewater pumping station Sint-Kruis, we first did a market survey as prescribed. At Aquafin, we choose quality products with optimal passage, safety and a minimum of maintenance. In addition, a market-based purchase price is also important. AVK products meet these conditions," Schueremans says. "Also during our previous project, the wastewater pumping station in Lillestraat in Brugge, AVK won the tender and an AVK gate valve DN900 was installed. We are pleased to continue the cooperation on this project in Sint-Kruis."

Pumping station for nearly 90,000 citizens

The wastewater pumping station in Sint-Kruis is responsible for the drainage from part of Brugge and the nearby municipality of Sijsele. The water drainage of these two municipalities, which accounts for almost 90,000 citizens, arrives at the pumping station through two large collectors. Seven pumps are pumping the wastewater with a maximum flow rate of 1550 l/s making it one of the larger wastewater pumping stations of Aquafin.

The wastewater is pumped into the downward collector system which feeds the RWZI of Brugge via two parallel lines of DN800 (Brugge) and DN700 (Sijsele) under pressure. RWZI Brugge processes a total of 339,500 m³ of wastewater per day.

Standard backup

"For wastewater pumping stations, we always provide a backup pump", schueremans explains. "For the collector system of Brugge this is a 3+1 setup and for Sijsele it is a 2+1 setup. This is how we get a setup with seven pumps. As an additional backup, the extra bushings on the suction and discharge sides are retained. This way we can still connect an emergency pump. It is mounted on the existing carry-through including the gate valve or knife gate valve. This way the pumping station will never lose its capacity in the event of accidents."

About the project

Company: Aquafin
Project: Renovation of the Polderstraat pumping station, Sint-Kruis
Location: Brugge, Belgium
Pressure class: PN6, PN10, PN16
Diameter: DN50-800

AVK solutions for the project

  • Gate valves (19 pcs) - DN200-800
  • Ball check valves (10 pcs) - DN50-400
  • Dismantling joints (11 pcs) - DN200-800
  • Knife gate valve (1 pcs) -  DN350
  • Solutions for wastewater treatment


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