Wastewater pumping station with a green profile

The oldest and largest pumping station in Denmark has been discontinued and a new one has taken over.

The original pumping station at Kløvermarken near Copenhagen was from 1901, and as the pumping station could not be temporarily shut down it would be too difficult to renovate it. To make the pumping station up to date, it was therefore decided to build a completely new pumping station right next to the old one.

Designed with the environment in mind

The new pumping station is designed for climate changes and protected against floods. The design is also considering environmental aspects and the construction includes green roofs and outdoor areas collecting rainwater. Furthermore, heat recovery from the wastewater will provide heat for the pumping station and the next door staff building.

Increased operational reliability

The pumping station is built in a circular design with a diameter of 35 m, it reaches approx. 10 m below ground and has two 24 m pressure towers. It is divided into two separate pumping stations with two sumps. This allows for maintenance on one unit at a time and provides an increased operational reliability. Only when it rains, both units will be required to run at the same time.

The largest pumping station in Denmark

Each year, about 35 billion litres of wastewater from 350,000 citizens in the Danish capital Copenhagen are led through the pumping station, and the total capacity is 30,500 m3/h. With these numbers, the pumping station at Kløvermarken is still the largest wastewater pumping station in Denmark. The capacity of the new pumping station is the same as of the previous one which is considered to be sufficient.  We are expecting more frequent and more intense cloudbursts but due to a number of cloudburst management projects, the level of rainwater reaching the pumping station is not expected to increase. Furthermore, the capacity of the pumping station is limited by capacity of the pressure pipes leading wastewater from the pumping station to the nearby treatment plant, and expanding the capacity would require a comprehensive extension of the complete pipe system.

AVK products at the pumping station

Valves and accessories for the new pumping station has been delivered by Vatech 2000, a member of the AVK Group, and a lot of AVK gate valves, swing check valves, knife gate valves, dismantling joints and flange adaptors in DN50-1400 are installed at the pumping station. These are mainly shut-off valves and the two DN1400 gate valves are installed at the pipelines leading wastewater from the pumping station to the nearby treatment plant for the purpose of service and maintenance of the pumping station.

AVK valves and accessories delivered to the project

Gate valves series 06/80: 8 pcs. DN50-500
Gate valves series 54/33: 21 pcs. DN700-1400
Gate valves series 15/43: 16 pcs. DN100-300
Knife gate valves series 702/50: 2 pcs. DN400
Swing check valves series 41: 10 pcs. DN50-500
Dismantling joints series 265/30: 7 pcs. DN1000-1400
Flange adaptors series 260: 8 pcs. DN500

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