State-of-the-art treatment technology in new wastewater plant

AVK Finland has delivered over 500 valves for the new wastewater treatment plant built in the city of Mikkeli.

Energy-efficient wastewater treatment underground

The new wastewater treatment plant is a part of the Metsä-Sairila development plan, which also includes other business-, research-, and development facilities related to circular economy.

The plant is situated underground, in the bedrock, and it is one of the most modern plants in the world. Its state-of-the-art treatment technology will help to preserve the water quality of adjacent water areas and the famous lake Saimaa.

The underground plant reduces the environmental impact and leaves the above-ground area free for other purposes. Only the necessary exits and vents remain visible on ground level.

AVK valves play a major role in the project

AVK Finland was chosen as the supplier of valves for the new plant, altogether more than 500 valves in various sizes.

Products supplied to the project:

  • resilient seated gate valves
  • ball check valves
  • butterfly valves
  • swing check valves
  • knife gate valves
  • diaphragm valves
  • hose valves
  • globe valves
  • segment valves

In addition, AVK supplied knife gate, swing check, gate and ball valves with handwheels or actuators to the main wastewater pumping station in Kenkäveronniemi, as well as penstocks, flange adaptors, air valves and gate valves for utility chambers.

“We are happy with the quality of AVK´s valves, penstocks and fittings, and the good cooperation with AVK Finland” says Reijo Turkki, Manager of Mikkeli Waterworks.