Renovation of main pumping station at water and wastewater utility VCS Denmark

The pumping station at Ejby Mølle, the main water resources recovery facility (WRRF) of water and wastewater utility VCS Denmark, has been renovated with new energy efficient pumps and AVK valves.

Water and wastewater facility VCS Denmark has a vision to become CO2 and energy neutral, and that requires optimisation of all processes and plants in their distribution area.

Wastewater treatment processes require a lot of energy and are therefore key focus points related to energy savings. A central part of the treatment plant is the pumping station, and at Ejby Mølle WRRF this was old and worn out and used a lot of energy.

Project Director Niels Malmmose Askjær tells about renovation of the pumping station in this video.

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You can learn more about VCS and their vision to become climate neutral in this article in the IWA magazine The Source: The case of VCS Denmark – progress beyond net energy production.


Renovation of main pumping station for rainwater treatment

Niels Malmmose Askjær tells how the pumping station is renovated with new pumps and AVK knife gate valves and check valves.