Expansion of the Los Vados wastewater treatment plant has increased the capacity of the system by three

The project was led by the General Directorate of Water Infrastructures of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía. Now, when finished, the wastewater treatment capacity in the plant is three times higher than before.

The wastewater treatment plant in Los Vados, Granada, Spain, had reached its maximum and a new plant was therefore a necessity. With a budget of approximately 27.5 million euros, the company CADAGUA was hired as general contractor. That included drafting as well as execution of the work.

The current wastewater treatment plant was designed to handle 24,000 m3/day, whereas the new plant has a water treatment capacity of 72,000 m3/day. The expansion means that the plant from now on will not only treat water from the 287,000 Grenadians in the 20 nearby municipalities in Granada, but also from parts outside the Granada metropolitan area.

For this project, following AVK products have been used:

Gate valves 06/30, DN100-DN600
Flanged gate valves 06/35, DN150 and DN200
Motorized gate valve with AUMA actuator 15/42, DN200
Ball check valves series 53, DN100-DN600
Resilient seated swing check valve 41/60, DN50-DN150C
Centric butterfly valves 820/00, DN100-DN600
Knife gate valves with pneumatic actuator 702/40, DN150