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Case stories

Below case stories are gathered from some of the projects AVK has been a part of, and they are meant for inspiration to ongoing or future projects.


Supa Maxi™ proved its worth

Less than two months after the introduction of our new tensile resistant multi-tolerance coupling, the Supa Maxi™ has proved its worth.

Late one night, a leakage was detected on an Ø250 mm PN 16 PE fire water ring main. A connection between an electrofusion coupling and a T-piece had slipped apart. The leakage was exposed, and soon the ditch was half-filled with water. Due to water in the pipeline, it was not possible to use electrofusion couplings for repairing. Furthermore, the supply net was laid down for PN 16 and only few tensile resistant couplings are applicable for this pressure. The contractor had quite a problem when he called Allan Poulsen from Vatech 2000 at 23.00 in the evening

Vatech 2000 was able to deliver the requested Supa Maxi™ couplings from stock. A nearby supplier of PE pipes delivered a T-piece to replace the old one, and shortly after the couplings were installed on the fire water ring main – pressure tested and approved. The redemptive comment from the field engineer was: “This is by far the easiest installation of a restrained coupling I have ever made – we will use this product as our standard coupling from now on.”

What better reference could a manufacturer ask for!
Peugeot Citröen factory in Moselle needed at new fire protection network, and AVK Supa Maxi was part of the solution  

Supa Maxi™ couplings used in the renovation of Peugeot Citröen’s fire protection network

The versatility of the Supa Maxi™ for connecting pipes of different materials incl. steel pipes, as well as the fast delivery and installment, made it the optimal choice for this particular application. Apart from the product’s diversity, the “round the clock” after sales service AVK France provides settled the final choice.

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Supa Maxi case story from Turkey

AVK products were successfully installed in Sakarya, Turkey

A leaking section of an asbestos cement pipe line was easily replaced with a PVC pipe with usage of AVK’s Supa Maxi™ universal coupling.

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Supa Maxi case story in Katrineholm

Cleaner water with the help of Supa Maxi™ in Katrineholm, Sweden

For the citizens of Katrineholm and eight nearby cities in Katrineholm Municipality in Sweden the possibility of cleaner water became an issue a couple of years ago when they found out that a replacement to a new water pipe line would provide them with cleaner water of a higher quality.

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