AVK helps providing secure water network in Sweden

Citizens of the municipalities Uppland-Bro and Sigtuna in Sweden can look forward to a more secure water network. Norrvatten Municipal Council provides the municipalities with water and they have just started a large project building a new waterline between the two municipalities.

Prior to this project, both Uppland-bro and Sigtuna were dependent of a single water line, which made it vulnerable to breakdowns. The future waterline makes it possible to supply the two municipalities with water from two different sources, which enhance the delivery performance and minimise the damages if a breakdown of the network should occur.

The project consists of approximately 20 km waterline and an 11 km discharge line to be joined the water line. The new water network will consist of 600 mm pipeline with branches of 300 mm pipes connecting to the municipal network.

First stage of the project, a 3.7 km water line going to Järfälla water work, has been initiated and AVK in Sweden has delivered double eccentric butterfly valves, dismantling joints and extension spindles. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.

Short facts about the project

  • The project is in five stages. Starting in Upplands-Bro and finishing in Sigtuna
  • The lake, Mälaren, which is the third largest lake in Sweden, provides the water.
  • Görvälnverket, Norrvatten waterworks, is cleaning the water before it is distributed to the water network.
  • It is not only citizens of the municipalities Upplands-Bro and Sigtuna, who benefit from this new water network. The airport of Stockholm, Arlanda airport, can also look forward to a stable water supply that ultimately will benefit the whole country. 

Parties involved in the project:

  • Norrvatten has initiated the project
  • The contractor is Peab
  • The wholesaler is Onninen
  • Supplier is AVK in Sweden: AVK Sverige AB

Butterfly valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve

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