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Cloudburst protection: Bypass pump well using AVK valves

Cloudburst protection of larger buildings


An economical and space-saving bypass pump well has been developed to help protect large buildings like companies, schools and housing associations from cloudburst floods.

COWI and Grundfos have partnered to engineer this new solution that has already been implemented on a school and a large data central in Copenhagen. It has been developed to protect both water penetration in the basement and backflow from the sewer network without interrupting the water supply, and it includes AVK valves.


The bypass pump well has two pumps and on each of the two pressure pipes a DN150 AVK ball check valve is installed to prevent backflow. The two pressure pipes are connected to a main pipe which can be shut-off by using an electrically actuated AVK knife gate valve, or an AVK gate valve.

You can read COWI's presentation of the new solution here.