AVK valves for district cooling in Copenhagen

AVK is now a part of the new and sustainable quarter "Carlsberg Byen". All buildings will be low-energy buildings and the intention is to match future demands to sustainability.

Carlsberg Byen is an area in Copenhagen that since 1847 has been home of the brewery Carlsberg, but now will be transformed into a new living quarter in Copenhagen. 

Frederiksberg district cooling (Frederiksberg Fjernkøling) has initiated the work of establishing a 11MW district cooling plant in the new Carlsberg quarter. This is the start of a larger cooling project, which eventually will cover the future demand in this area. Only a few years from now, it will be possible to move in to the new buildings in Carlsberg Byen. 

AVK’s part in the construction of Carlsberg Byen

The development company Carlsberg Byen P/S has decided to build a district cooling plant, which is to provide the residents of the area with comfort cooling. This is to ensure that the area will maintain a cheap and eco-friendly cooling solution and also to maintain the vision of a sustainable quarter. In that connection, AVK has supplied four main valves with PE ends with a diameter of 355 mm and PN 16 PE pipes.

In general there is a large demand for the new and climate friendly cooling solution, and this demand is expected to grow. Therefore, we at AVK are pleased to already have an insight into this type of projects.

Danish export opportunities

It is not only Denmark that holds a great interest in district cooling – internationally this topic has also received a lot of attention. Therefore, Hofor and Frederiksberg Fjernkøling, which are both involved in the building work, have been busy presenting the cooling solution in Carlsberg Byen to foreign delegations, politicians, and companies. This shows an exciting future business potential, that is beneficiary for district cooling partners including manufacturers, advisors, refrigeration engineers, and companies such as AVK.

When installing large valves we typically use flanged valves, as valves with PE pipes previously did not exist in the desired size. For the district cooling project in Carlsberg Byen the requirement was a fully welded PE system in PN16, and this problem was solved by a new development from AVK: valves with PE-ends up to DN 400. For the future expansion of the project these valves will also be used.
- Kasper Brandt, Supervisor, Frederiksberg Vand

Facts about district cooling in Carlsberg Byen

  • District cooling is comparable with district heating. The cold water is produced centrally just like when warm water is produced for district heating.
  • Through district cooling the consumers and the society gain significant advantages: the consumers gain a greener, more simple and often also a cheaper solution, while the societal gain is a significant reduction of the energy consumption and hence the CO2 emission. 
  • In connection with production of district cooling, the cold water will be led directly to the consumers or to the two buried storage units which collectively contains around 4,000 m3. 
  • The district cooling plant of Carlsberg Byen is extended according to the urban development. The new sustainable quarter is expected to be finalized within 10-15 years. 

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