New gate valves with Supa Maxi™ end / PE end – a combination of two great designs!

We are pleased to introduce our new range of gate valves where two great AVK "connection designs" are combined. The Supa Maxi™ universal tensile coupling end connects to any pipe material and the PE pipe end enables direct welding into PE pipelines. 08-11-2021

The new gate valve offers a compact, flexible and easy transition from any pipe material to a boltless electro welded PE pipe connection. It offers angular deflection and full tensile resistance, eliminates the need for extra bolts, gaskets and couplings and in this way facilitates a fast and safe installation with built-in shut-off.

Main features

The valve itself is of the renowned AVK gate valve design with our unique wedge and corrosion protection. Read all about the advantages in Total Cost of Ownership.

The Supa Maxi™ universal tensile coupling end features the patented SupaGrip™ sealing support system with a flexible bracket providing superior tightness and tensile resistance on all pipe dimensions and materials. Furthermore, it features ease of installation with no need for re-tightening the bolts, high-quality materials and much more. Read all about the Supa Maxi™ design and its advantages.

The PE pipe end offers a valve/pipe connection that is as strong as the pipe itself with premounted standard PE pipes. Read all the advantages of a fully welded PE pipe system and the unique AVK design.

The new series 638 valves are available in DN80-300  Please click on links below for more details.

  • 638/00-116 Supa Maxi™ end  X black/blue SDR11 PE100 pipe end, PN16
  • 638/00-126 Supa Maxi™ end  X black/blue SDR17 PE100 pipe end, PN10


Gate valves with PE ends

Learn about the benefits of using gate valves with PE ends and get an introduction to our wide range.


Gate valves with PE ends

Animation showing the application and benefits of our range of gate valves with PE ends.
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