Introducing Supa One™, a new range of universal couplings and flange adaptors

Our new one-bolt couplings are designed according to EN 545 to ensure sturdiness and durability. 13-06-2024

We are pleased to release our new Supa One™ straight couplings and flange adaptors suitable for ductile iron, steel, PVC and PE pipes. They are available in DN80-200.

Supa One™ couplings are very easy to install with only one bolt to be tightened in each end of the coupling. They are designed in ductile iron according to EN 545 to ensure sturdiness and durability.

The bracket section can rotate 360° for adjustable bolt orientation during installation. This ensures full access to tightening the bolts, even when space is limited at the installation site. The design of the spherical nuts allows them to rotate slightly and ensures a precise fit. Furthermore, the design enables the use of a standard power tool, and the tool will not be pushed off by the rod end during tightening, which is often the case for traditional designs. There is no need for re-tightening of bolts.

The couplings enable ±4° deflection in both ends (in total 8°), and the large insertion depth tolerances allow the pipe to be cut slightly angled. This gives a simple installation without need for precise adjustment.

The Supa One™ universal non-tensile couplings and flange adaptors complement AVK’s comprehensive range of couplings and flange adaptors for any need.

Please see datasheets for more details:

You can read more in the article how to choose the right coupling.


Supa One™ universal one-bolt couplings

Animation about features and installation of our universal one-bolt Supa OneTM couplings series 65X.