Supa Maxi™ straight couplings and flange adaptors are now available in DN800

We are happy to release a new DN800 as an extension of our wide range of Supa Maxi™ universal tensile couplings. 01-02-2024

The straight coupling and flange adaptor in DN800 are dedicated to either metal/asbestos cement or plastic pipes in order to ensure the best possible pipe grip. Both types cover an outside diameter of 800-842 mm. They are designed and tested according to EN14525 for applications up to PN16 for non-tensile applications, and are tensile up to 10 bar.

DN800 is added to the range of the below variants:

Supa Maxi™ straight coupling, with EPDM sealing and A2 bolts 631/00-001 - with A4 bolts 631/00-002
Supa Maxi™ flange adaptor, with EPDM sealing and A2 bolts 633/00-001 - with A4 bolts 633/00-002
Supa Maxi™ straight coupling, with NBR sealing and A2 bolts 631/80-001  - with A4 bolts 631/80-002
Supa Maxi™ flange adaptor, with NBR sealing and A2 bolts 633/80-001 - with A4 bolts 633/80-002

All Supa Maxi™ universal tensile couplings feature the patented SupaGrip™ sealing support system with a flexible bracket providing superior tightness and tensile resistance on all pipe dimensions and materials. Furthermore, they feature ease of installation with no need for re-tightening the bolts, permanent protection caps, high-quality materials and much more. Read all about the Supa Maxi™ design and its advantages in our insights.

Our range now comprises the following – please go to our product finder for more details.

  • Straight couplings in DN50-800
  • Flange adaptors in DN40-800
  • End caps in DN50-400
  • Step couplings in DN50-300
  • Transition couplings in DN50-300
  • Gate valves with 2 x Supa Maxi™ end in DN80-300
  • Gate valves with Supa Maxi™ end x PE end in DN80-300

Product insights

Supa Maxi™

Read all about the Supa Maxi™ design and its advantages.


Supa Maxi™

Animation about features and installation of our universal tensile Supa Maxi™ couplings series 63X.