New extension spindles with solid bar

Our fixed length extension spindles for gate valves and service connection valves are now also available with solid inner bar. 24-04-2023

We are pleased to launch new variants of our fixed length extension spindles featuring a solid bar to meet market demands for such a design. 

As for the standard execution it is very easy to adjust the height of the extension spindle. You just mount the extension spindle on the valve, loosen the M6 bolt on the key adaptor, adjust to requested length by using a hack saw or the like, and retighten the M6 bolt.  

The solid bar is made of steel and the key and stem adaptor are made of galvanised ductile iron. The stem adaptor is designed for outside mounting, encapsulating the valve stem, and it also fits on non-AVK valves. The extension spindles are available with key adaptor #14-22 for service connection valves DN20-50 as well as with key adaptor #23-32 for gate valves DN40-400, both with the usual pipe covers ranging from 800 to 3000 mm (1250-3000 in DN350-400).
For more details, please refer to our datasheets and mounting instructions found via links below:
04/F-012 Fixed length extension spindles, for service connection valves, with solid bar 
04/F-013 Fixed length extension spindles, for gate valves, with solid bar