Supa Maxi™ couplings in renovation of fire protection network

Supa Maxi™ is a coupling with numerous features making it applicable to various installations.

When the Peugeot Citröen factory in Moselle needed to renovate their fire protection network, Supa Maxi™ universal tensile couplings were considered among other solutions. Pros and cons were assessed, and in spite of Supa Maxi™ being more expensive than the couplings offered by a competitor, and compared to AVK’s own Supa couplings and combi-flanges, it turned out to be the most advantageous solution for the application.

The versatility of the Supa Maxi™ for connecting pipes of different materials incl. steel pipes, as well as the fast delivery and instalment, made it the optimal choice for this particular application. Apart from the product’s diversity, the “round the clock” after sales service AVK France provides settled the final choice.

A total of 50 Supa Maxi™ couplings were installed in the sizes DN200, DN250 and DN300 in connection with the renovation. 

This case shows that a more expensive solution is not necessarily a hindrance, as long as the total offering of product quality and features as well as a great service provides a better value for money to the customer.

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