Supa Lock™ threadless service connection system for utility line construction

An extensive project of constructing utility lines near Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, will be supplied with AVK products.

After several months of preparation for the project, AVK solutions were chosen. The choice was partly based on the benefits of the solutions and partly on the operator’s good experiences with the products; he has frequently been using Supa Lock™ products with good results. About 600 AVK service valve sets including tapping saddles, service connection valvestelescopic extension spindles and surface boxes will become part of the construction.

Threadless service connection system with many benefits

The key argument for choosing AVK solutions for the project was easy assembly of the valves, which was highly appreciated by the construction company. They also appreciated that there is no need for special tools, and that the solution is vastly time saving. From the operator’s point of view, the elimination of the risk of threaded connections add great value, as they were aware of the risk of threads causing water losses at the operating sites. In addition, the anti-corrosion coating was a clear benefit.

AVK VOD-KA worked closely together with the construction company regarding all design tasks before the project was finally implemented. Key fitters were trained in how to use the valves to assure the most optimal installation and use.


Supa Lock™ threadless connection system

See how our Supa Lock™ system provides a 100% corrosion free joint combined with fast and easy assembly with maximum flexibility.


Service connection system

Our service connection system is a well-proven solution that secures easy and maintenance-free installation and long life.