World Water Day 2022

It is time to celebrate our access to pure drinking water! 22-03-2022

Bottled water is just as clean as tap water, but the difference is that bottled water can age within the bottle and build up bacteria. Tap water is (depending on where you live, of course) well-controlled, tastes fresh and clean, and a lot cheaper and better for the environment. Actually, it is 900 times better for the environment! Still, the average Dane buys as much as 21 litres of bottled water every year. This is completely unnecessary, when such a simple act can save so much on the climate account – and in the pocket.

How tap water is 900 times better for the environment 

In 2018, calculations from HOFOR (The Capital Region’s Supply Utility) showed that tap water is 900 times more environmentally friendly than bottled water. The numbers showed that when one litre of water leaves a tap in the city, 0.0002 kg of CO2 has been used in order to pump, prepare and transport that amount. For bottled water, that same number is 0.18 kg.

Eco-friendly processes on the table

To celebrate this year’s World Water Day, which focuses on groundwater, we wanted to highlight the fact that here in Denmark we are able to serve water directly from the ground and into the glass. Behind this fact lies a longer explanation; one that has made the world look towards the Danish model of sustainable water infrastructure.

Groundwater may be out of sight, but it must not be out of mind – and our products and solutions help protect and transport millions of liters of it every single day.

Therefore, we have decided to add information about the water utility on our water decanters in all our offices, to make it more tangible that the water is actually pumped up and served directly from the ground below us; both for all our employees, and for all our guests visiting from all across the planet.

The texts reads: PURE TAP WATER: This water is clean ground water from the underground here in East Jutland, delivered by Galten/Skovby Water Utility. To protect the high water quality, several tests are performed every year which are analysed and approved by an accredited laboratory. Galten/Skovby Water Utility is 100% owned by the area's consumers.

Did you know that…

It can take years - even decades - for rainwater to reach the groundwater table. Once there, some drops stay a few months or years in the ground, while some spend thousands of years.

Theoretically, in your next glass of water, there is a 99,9% probability that a molecule once drunk by Cleopatra will be present. And, basically, all the other molecules have been inside a dinosaur’s belly.

It takes 283 liters of water to produce one kilo of avocado.

Water is the primary ingredient in humans and makes up about 85% of the human brain.


The Danish approach - towards a clearer water future

Amidst global environmental challenges, Danish companies and organizations are pioneering some of the most exciting and forward-thinking water solutions in the world today. In this three-part series we take a look at three areas of focus in the Danish water landscape, exploring some of the flagship solutions now in operation and planned for the future, as well as the philosophy and collaboration that has helped secure successes to date and underpins a shift to a clearer water future.


Water in the World - local and global challenges

We need to help spread the word about the critical global water situation, and demand action.

A sustainable future

Water in the world – local and global challenges

In many places in the world, water is a scarce resource. Despite this, more than a third of the produced drinking water never reaches the end user. Water loss, water scarcity and discharge of 
wastewater create massive problems all over the world.