The Danish approach - towards a clearer water future

Amidst global environmental challenges, Danish companies and organizations are pioneering some of the most exciting and forward-thinking water solutions in the world today.

By William Steel, freelance journalist 

Oftentimes the product of interdisciplinary collaboration, novel technologies and approaches — many of which extend proof of concept and are already in operation in the small Scandinavian nation — stand out as emblems of an industry in transition. 

As we become increasingly aware of the critical significance of sustainable water and wastewater management, we can be encouraged by the emergence of these working solutions which show that there is another way to approach provision of these most essential of services. A way that is defined by sustainability.

We are seeing how water sectors can give back to society across multiple metrics, besides providing the vital services we typically associated with them.  

So for good reason, Danish water technologies and know-how are increasingly common features of water operations worldwide. In Denmark itself, however, it is clear that the groups responsible for forging this new direction for water and wastewater are far from done. There are higher targets, ambitious prototypes, and new solutions in the pipeline — all pitched for bringing water sectors further into the twenty-first century. 

This three-part series takes a look at three areas of focus in the Danish water landscape, exploring some of the flagship solutions now in operation and planned for the future, as well as the philosophy and collaboration that has helped secure successes to date and underpins a shift to a clearer water future.

The series was published in Waterworld as a complement and introduction to the first Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology (WATEC) summer school, 'Advanced Water Cycle Management Course', hosted in August 2019 in Denmark.

The two-week summer school delivers the knowledge, skills and perspective required for grappling with some of the most critical water challenges of our time. The event represents a unique collaboration between WATEC, pioneering water utilities and world leading companies within the Danish water sector, including those highlighted in the articles above. The summer school is oriented around three themes: 

1. Ground water resource management 
2. Management of water distribution 
3. Wastewater handling 



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What if, is no longer a relevant question….

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