New tapping saddle and tapping head in the Supa Lock™ threadless connection system

We are happy to announce that we have added two great new products to our Supa Lock™ range; A tapping saddle and a tapping head, both with a cassette for blade shut-off enabling tapping under pressure and a Supa Lock™ socket outlet for connection to Supa Lock™ fittings. 24-10-2017

The tapping saddle for ductile iron, steel and other metal pipes has a saddle head of ductile iron and a bottom part of stainless steel with EPDM liner offering a tolerance of 20-30 mm.

The ductile iron tapping head has a Supa Lock™ spigot end fitting into our standard Supa Lock™ tapping saddles for PVC/PE pipes and for metal pipes. The tapping head is acting as a temporary alternative to a valve.

Main features of the Supa Lock™ connection:

  • Corrosion-free joint (no threads)
  • Easy two-step assembly with maximum flexibility
  • Patented self-locking design

Please refer to our datasheets for more details:

Please check out our instruction videos:

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Supa Lock™

Connecting valves and fittings with a threaded connection can be time-consuming and often, it leaves part of the thread exposed to the medium and the external environment. Over time this will cause corrosion of the uncoated thread and may even result in a leakage. Supa Lock™ solves this problem.
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