AVK Supa Lock™ universal tapping saddle with blade shut-off, PN10

For under pressure tapping on ductile iron, steel and other metal pipes, with Supa Lock™ socket outlet


AVK International A/S

Bizonvej 1, Skovby, 8464 Galten, Denmark

Supa Lock™ universal tapping saddle with blade shut-off for under pressure tapping on metal pipes. For drinking water and neutral liquids to max. 70° C

AVK Supa Lock™ is a patented service connection system consisting of tapping saddles, valves and fittings with a fast two-step assembly without threads or use of tools. Supa Lock™ features a corrosion protected push-in and quick-lock joint secured by a safety retainer which prevents demounting under pressure. The tapping saddles are designed with Supa Lock™ socket outlet, and features a cassette for blade shut-off acting as a temporary valve during the drilling process.

Variant 100/75-002
Connection: Supa Lock™
Material: Ductile Iron
DN: DN50 - DN300
PN: PN10


  • Supa Lock™ joint offers an easy two-step assembly by pushing the Supa Lock™ spigot end into the Supa Lock™ socket end, and clicking on the safety retainer, which is fitted on the spigot end of the valves and fittings. The safety retainer is easy to mount and demount, and as extra safety the patented Supa Lock™ joint prevents demounting when the system is under pressure. The joint is sealed by two large O-rings of drinking water approved EPDM rubber. The O-rings are placed on the spigot ends of the valves and fittings
  • The Supa Lock™ outlet is designed with rotation stop to prevent rotation during the tapping/drilling process
  • Ø32 bore for standard drill bit sizes (DN50-80 max. bore Ø26 mm)
  • Ductile iron saddle head with a shut-off cassette acting as temporary blocking of the water path during a tapping and drilling operation. The saddle head has an open slot on one side and a closed slot on the other side for easy mounting of stirrup
  • 50 mm wide stirrup of AISI 304 stainless steel with rubber liner inside to protect the pipe surface
  • M16 bolt of stainless steel A2 with antifriction coating, supported by a POM washer to give optimum flexibility and minimum friction at installation
  • M16 bush cylinder, drilled and tapped, with the stirrup plate rolled around ensuring long life and passive safety without the use of welding
  • Sealing gasket of EPDM rubber
  • Glass reinforced POM cassette sealed with gasket of drinking water approved EPDM
  • Cover of POM with an NBR gasket for permanent seal once tapping is complete
  • Maximum tightness with an O-ring sealing against the saddle head and two profiled O-rings sealing against the blade
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating in compliance with DIN 3476 part 1 and EN 14901, GSK approved on saddle head

Reference nos. and dimensions:

AVK ref. no. Dd
Tolerance +/-
100-088-75-320464 26 50-88 99 216 126 3.0
100-118-75-320464 32 88-118 99 216 126 3.3
100-133-75-320464 32 105-133 99 216 126 3.4
100-159-75-320464 32 133-159 99 216 126 3.4
100-186-75-320464 32 156-186 99 216 126 3.4
100-216-75-320464 32 186-216 99 216 126 3.5
100-244-75-320464 32 210-244 99 216 126 3.5
100-270-75-320464 32 240-270 99 216 126 3.6
100-298-75-320464 32 265-298 99 216 126 3.6
100-330-75-320464 32 299-330 99 216 126 3.7
100-345-75-320464 32 315-345 99 216 126 3.7
100-360-75-320464 32 325-360 99 216 126 3.7


Datasheet (PDF)


1. Saddle head Ductile iron GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)
2. Cover POM with glass reinforcement
3. O-ring EPDM rubber
4. Double gasket EPDM rubber
5. O-ring EPDM rubber
6. Cassette POM with glass reinforcement
7. Gasket EPDM rubber
8. Bolt Stainless steel A2
9. Washer Stainless steel A2
10. Support washer POM
11. Stirrup Stainless steel AISI 304 with EPDM
12. Gasket NBR rubber
13. Bolt Stainless steel A2
14. Washer Stainless steel A2


  • Belgaqua approved
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