Introducing Super Hydro universal fabricated couplings and adaptors

The new range in DN 400-2000 complements AVK’s wide range of couplings and adaptors. 12-04-2022

We are pleased to introduce our new range of Super Hydro universal fabricated straight couplings and flange adaptors in DN400-2000 manufactured by HydroCos, a member of the AVK Group. 

Super Hydro couplings and adaptors are designed to connect pipes of different materials and feature a large tolerance of 30 mm up to DN450 and 40 mm from DN500 on the outside pipe diameter. They are made of fabricated carbon steel with PLASCOAT PPA 571 ES blue RAL 5017, and both coating and EPDM gaskets are WRAS approved.

Super Hydro couplings and adaptors are also available in stainless steel, up to PN40 and in customised design on request.

Please see datasheets for more details of the standard versions:

8004/01-001  Super Hydro fabricated universal straight coupling
8006/00-001  Super Hydro fabricated universal flange adaptor

Please also see our complete range of couplings and adaptors and our guide for “how to choose the right coupling”.

Product insights

Encapsulation collars for repair of pipe sockets and walls

HydroCos is also a specialist within encapsulation collars which are ideal  for safe and permanent repair of all types of pipes and pipe connections while the pipeline is under pressure.