Quick mounting clip on extension spindles

We are pleased to announce that a new quick mounting clip has been implemented as standard for all AVK service connection extension spindles. 28-09-2020

The clip secures the connection between stem and bottom adapter, and allows for mounting and demounting without use of tools. The clip is made of composite POM and stainless steel matching the high-quality materials of AVK extension spindles in general.

AVK extension spindles

AVK extension spindles are produced on fully automated state-of-the-art production equipment to ensure a uniform quality. They are made of corrosion resistant materials, and the inner tube is press fit to the top spanner and the bottom adaptor to safeguard the galvanization of the tube. The bottom cover protects the valve spindle from impurities and enables it to rotate freely.

Main features

The basic design of the AVK extension spindles for service connection valves are:

  • Patented “Safe-click” provides a secure and fast mounting process
  • Fixed length extension spindles with patented expanding bolt design feature easy shortening by mere use of a hacksaw
  • Telescopic extension spindles facilitate on-site adjustments, and feature a defrosting hole and lugs for fixation to AVK surface boxes and support tiles
  • Available for DN25-50 valves and with pipe covers from 0.7 to 3.1 metres

For more information, please see datasheets for fixed extension spindle and telescopic extension spindle for service connection valves.


Service connection system

Our service connection system is a well-proven solution that secures easy and maintenance-free installation and long life.
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