A wealth of gate valve end connections

AVK offers gate valves with a wide choice of end connection types ranging from welding ends for PE and steel pipes, universal and dedicated tensile coupling ends, spigot and socket ends, grooved ends, and of course flanged ends in several face-to-face dimensions.

Gate valves with PE pipe ends for direct welding into PE pipes

AVK's gate valves with PE pipe ends feature a DVGW approved class 1 connection which is stronger than the PE pipe itself. A piece of standard PE pipe is pressed directly onto the grooved valve end. The grooves combined with a sleeve around the valve/pipe connection ensure that the PE pipe material is firmly secured and that the connection remains tight and tensile during the entire service life of the pipeline. The connection is sealed with a shrink hose to provide corrosion protection. The full and straight bore ensures minimum pressure loss and makes under pressure drilling possible. Variants are available for water supply, gas supply and fire protection applications. Furthermore, with flanged x PE end for water and gas supply, with Supa Maxi™ x PE end for water supply, and steel spigot end x PE end for gas supply.

Learn about the advantages of a fully welded pipe system.

Gate valves with tensile coupling ends for maximum flexibility

AVK also offers tensile couplings with built-in valves, making it easy to turn off the water in case of repair or replacement. The Supa Maxi™ gate valve with tensile universal coupling ends make it possible to install the valve in all types of pipes, and it will often be used to connect an old cast iron pipe with a new PE pipe.  The coupling ends are designed with a flexible bracket offering maximum tightness up to PN 16 in all dimensions, and which does not require retightening of the bolts. The valve is very easy to install due to a big insertion depth tolerance, deflection of ± 4° and permanent end protection caps. The variant with Supa Maxi™ x PE end gate valve connects to any pipe material at one end and enables direct welding into PE pipes at the other end. The Supa Plus™ gate valve is dedicated to PE and uPVC pipes. The compression type gasket allows for a deflection of ± 3.5° and makes it easy to insert the pipe end, even in the large dimensions.

Flanged gate valves to all major standards

AVK offers flanged gate valves to practically all standards, and with face-to-face dimensions according to EN 558 table 2 basic series 14 (short, DIN F4) and series 15 (long, DIN F5) as well as to GOST, SABS, AWWA, AS and BS. Furthermore, we offer gate valves with flange X PE end and flange X spigot end as well as combi-crosses with 3 and 4 outlets. Especially our flanged gate valves are available with several material configurations making them suitable for a wealth of applications within our four segments; water supply, gas supply, wastewater treatment and fire protection.

Gate valves with spigot ends for repair in old pipelines

After removal of a valve in an old pipeline, typically by cutting the pipes on both sides of the valve, the ends of the pipes may be offset and valves with standard face-to-face dimensions might not fit in the gap. A spigot end valve + a flange adaptor or a coupling with deflection ability is a flexible solution, and we offer them with short or long spigots for cast iron pipes as well as short spigots for AC pipes. See range with spigot ends and with flange x spigot end.

Gate valves with socket ends as alternatives to flanged ends

Socket ends are, just like the gate valves with coupling ends, a cost-effective alternative to flanged connections, when taking the cost of valves, flanges, bolts and gaskets as well as the mounting time into consideration. We offer gate valves with Euro sockets for uPVC pipesTyton sockets for cast iron pipes, and gate valves with the flexible grooved end system for steel pipes typically used in fire protection and irrigation system. Furthermore, gate valves with BLS spigot/socket ends suitable for “Buderus” pipes and standard cast iron pipes when using a tensile resistant clamp allowing for +/- 3.5 degree deflection of the pipes according to EN 545.

Gate valves with steel spigot ends for welding into low pressure gas steel pipes

AVK offers gate valves with steel spigot ends in two different face-to-face dimensions both featuring easy access to the welding ends and with a low weight facilitating easy handling on site. Furthermore, variants with steel spigot end x PE end are available. The valves are made of cast steel GS-C 25N with welding ends according to DIN 3239 part 1. The welding process is performed by certified welders in-house at AVK.


Gate valves for a fully integrated PE pipe system

Join us for a tour around our factory where we manufacture AVK gate valves with PE ends.

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Transition gate valves for gas

Animation explaining the benefits of the AVK gate valves with steel spigot end X PE end for easy transition from steel pipes to PE pipes
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