Hydropass – a complete smart irrigation system

Climate changes with increasing temperatures, global water challenges and the fast growth in population call for much more efficient usage of water resources and higher agricultural productivity. Smart irrigation contributes with improved irrigation management and saves energy and water for the benefit of climate as well as for all stakeholders.

AC.MO is a member of the AVK Group and a renowned supplier of smart solutions for irrigation and equipment for water management. After several years of research, investment and more than 70,000 successful installations in Italy and abroad, AC.MO has developed Hydropass, a Smart Irrigation System that manages large irrigation networks, which is used by an increasing number of water authorities with great results in terms of monitoring and controlling irrigation.

Monitor, plan and optimise irrigation

After more than 20 years of research and development, AC.MO has developed an automated measurement equipment for saving water resources and for bringing benefits on the management of large irrigation networks.

Hydropass consists of a one-piece body with integrated flow meter, automatic control valve and flow limiter. The system does not need external power supply as it is completely battery-operated with a battery lifespan of 10 years.

The Smart Irrigation System can be connected to national databases with weather and soil data which helps forecast the most efficient irrigation scheduling. This forecasted scheduling leads to immediate improvement of the irrigation operations saving water, energy, time and costs. 


The Hydropass system is composed of:

  • Diaphragm hydraulic valve with nylon reinforced membrane, tested for 5,000 cycles and tested to ensure smooth and gradual operation to avoid dangerous overpressure
  • Flow meter with IP68 protection
  • Flow limiter in high performance construction with self-modulation rubber washer, low pressure loss and free bore. It is integrated in the ductile iron body and encapsulated by the robust stainless carter. 
  • Standard options are threaded straight, threaded elbow and flanged. Optionally other connections to meet any request from the field.

Hydropass is offered as manually operated, as a stand-alone configuration or with a communication module for real time data collection. Please refer to our datasheets for Hydropass with mechanical water meter series 877/10 and Hydropass with ultrasonic water meter series 877/20.

Management and communication

The system is managed by a Hydrokey (an electronic battery-operated key) or by the Hydropass app, and data is collected by a dedicated management software with a simple and user-friendly graphical and tabular interface.

The communication configuration and the LoRa radio module allow an advanced metering infrastructure for collecting real time data over long distances and with no traffic costs.

Benefits for users and water authorities

In addition to all the product features, the Hydropass Smart Irrigation System focuses on the development of the three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, economic savings and social development. This is supported by achievement of ISO 14017:2022 certification, and installation of the Hydropass system benefits all stakeholders.

Benefits for end users:

  • Improved agricultural yields 
  • Lower costs as only consumed water is paid for
  • Multi users with independent access
  • Easy management

Benefits for water authorities:

  • Complete and constant control of water usage
  • Cost savings for operation, energy and maintenance 
  • Non-revenue water is eliminated and water loss minimised 
  • No water theft 
  • Easy management

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Complete product range for irrigation

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Hydropass hydrometer HNS

  • Integrated ultrasonic meter
  • No moving parts and no influence from external magnetic fields
  • IP68
  • Battery-powered: 10-year lifespan
  • Certified by European Laboratory according to ISO 16399
  • Body in ductile iron EN GJS-500-7
  • FBE coating, 300 um, RAL 5005
  • DN50-100

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Hydropass hydrometer HK

  • Integrated mechanical flow meter tangential type
  • Certified according to standard EN 14268
  • Body in ductile iron EN GJS-400-15
  • FBE coating, 250 um, RAL 5010
  • DN50-150


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Hydropass Smart Irrigation System

Learn how Hydropass can improve irrigation operations saving water, energy, time and costs.


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