UV radiation of PE material

An important precaution when handling and storing PE pipes is the level of UV radiation that the pipes are exposed to over time. 15-06-2017

EN12007 specifies requirements to the maximum level of UV radiation a pipe should be exposed to. The maximum level of radiation is specified to 3.5 GJ/m2 per year.

At the AVK International site in Galten, in the middle of Denmark, the yearly radiation level is on average 3.35 GJ/m2 per year. This means that a PE pipe can be stored uncovered outside, in our climate, for maximum 54 weeks before exceeding the maximum UV exposure limit.

But there are ways of prolonging the storage time for the PE material!

Handling of PE pipes at AVK International

As the total UV exposure period for the PE pipe is calculated by accumulating the UV radiation periods, we can set up a timeline within which we guarantee to deliver our valves. The timeline indicates that the pipes have not been exposed to UV radiation for more than 28 weeks when our valves leave the distribution center.

We require that our pipe suppliers deliver pipes which are produced no more than 6 months before the date of delivery. This sets the first period of possible UV radiation to max. 26 weeks. In pratice, the period will however in most cases be much shorter.

After the delivery at AVK International, the pipes will be cut into the required lengths for our valves. Our internal requirements state that the pipes have to be cut within a period of maximum two weeks after receipt. If this is not possible, the pipes will be covered by UV protecting covers. After the cutting process, the pipes are packed in closed pallets and hence protected from any further UV radiation.

In all of our following production processes, the pipes will be stored indoor. The same applies for our storage of the finished valves.

The maximum delivery time from our pipe suppliers and our internal processing time add up to a total radiation period of no more than 28 weeks before leaving AVK International. This means that the pipes still have an allowed radiation period of minimum 26 weeks according to EN12007.

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