New gate valve with purge points for gas applications

We are happy to introduce our new gate valve with up- and downstream purge points. 04-08-2017

The valve is based on the renowned AVK series 46 design with long steel spigot ends for gas applications. The purge pipes welded on the top of the valve spigot ends are leading towards the top of the valve. The purge pipes are assembled with CE approved ball valves and blind flanges.

The purge points make it possible to:

  • Purge residual gas in an isolated pipeline section allowing safe maintenance, repair or extension of the pipe system
  • By-pass the isolated section to ensure continuous gas supply 
  • Detect leakages in the pipeline by measuring the pressure by means of pressure gauges
The valves are as standard with external PUR coating and will be available in DN80-600. They are produced with full traceability of every pressure bearing component like all AVK gate valves for gas, and are available with 3.1 certificates.

Please see datasheet 46/80-010

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Steel gate valves with purge points

Animation focusing on design and function of the purge points mounted on our gate valves series 46

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