A future with more green energy

The industry has knowledge about advanced technologies for production of renewable energy. And we need to focus on utilising the huge potential of this, e.g. by use of power-to-X technologies. The power-to-X process converts the renewable energy into hydrogen to be used immediately or stored for later use. 29-04-2020

Use of the “green” hydrogen

The hydrogen generated from renewable energies can be utilised in several different ways using different power-to-X technologies: E.g. by feeding hydrogen into the gas network, displacing some of the natural gas (power-to-gas), or through a methanation process converting CO2 and hydrogen into methane (power-to-methane). The CO2 source for this process can be produced from biowaste in biogas plants or wastewater plants, and the methane can be injected into the natural gas network replacing the fossil natural gas (power-to-gas). Production of methanol or ammonia can be used in fuel cells in cars and ships, or synthetic fuels can be used in conventional car and jet engines (power-to-liquids).

The hydrogen can also be used in fuel refining (hydrogenation) in conventional refineries or as a basic chemical in many different industries (power-to-chemicals or power-to-plastics). Finally, the stored hydrogen can be converted back into electricity via fuel cells when needed (power-to-power).

How does AVK contribute?

The possibility of converting existing natural gas networks to hydrogen is being explored in e.g. the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark, and we contribute to projects testing hydrogen distribution by delivering valves and flow limitors.

Transition towards a green energy future