Implementation of PE 100-RC pipes

When you buy gate valves with PE pipe ends for gas from AVK International they are always delivered with pipes according to the EN1555 standard. 15-06-2017

The pipes are always fully traceable via EN10204 3.1 factory certificates, and we make internal records of each valve enabling us to trace the pipe mounted on the particular valve.


In recent years, an interesting development of PE100 raw materials has taken place, which has led to the introduction of the PE100-RC material. RC is an acronym for “Resistance to Crack”.

Basically the change from standard PE100 material is an improvement of the SCG (Slow Crack Growth) properties. This improvement is a huge advantage, as it will enhance the safety of the installation. 

Welding properties

The welding properties of standard PE100 and PE100-RC have proven to be exactly the same and therefore, there are no restrictions on connecting pipes of PE100 with pipes of PE100-RC.

To prove fusion compatibility butt-fused joints combining pipes from different PE80 / PE100 / PE100-RC compounds from various suppliers were tested according to ISO 13953 by TGM.

All combinations fulfilled the requirements according to EN 1555.

Click to download the test report from TGM

AVK valves and PE100-RC pipes

As our suppliers of PE pipes are gradually changing their standard product programme to the new PE100-RC pipes, the AVK series 36 gate valves for gas will in the future be delivered with PE100-RC pipes more often than with standard PE100 pipes. Eventually the valves will be delivered exclusively with PE100-RC pipes. Also the latest version of our updated series 85/50 PE ball valve is now made of PE100-RC material.

We see this as a basic improvement of the product, which will give our customers an extra dimension of safety in their installations.


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