Our contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The AVK Group's purpose is to develop, manufacture and market products of high quality and with a long lifetime. Our products are parts of vital infrastructure including water supply, wastewater treatment and energy supply as well as a variety of other industrial applications that all together contribute to sustainable development, the health of people and a better environment.

For AVK, sustainability and sound economics go hand-in-hand. Reducing water loss actively helps reduce electricity consumption and protects one of our most valuable resources, and at the same time it saves money. Our high-quality solutions minimise environmental impacts caused by excavation, repair or replacement. Thereby, our business foundation meets the requirements of social responsibility and environmental conscience.  

The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the framework for the global effort within sustainable development. The goals recognise that social, economic, and environmental development are intrinsically linked and that it requires a common, global effort to achieve lasting results.


Our product portfolio in the business unit AVK Water is a direct extension of the UN SDG 6 which aims at ensuring access to clean water and sanitation and a sustainable management of this. Our valve solutions contribute to a reliable, durable, and stable water management and so assist at reducing water loss and energy consumption.
AVK products are also applied in processes that aim to ensure responsible wastewater handling to avoid risk to the environment and health as well as in processes that exploit the use of energy in wastewater.


The UN SDG 9 is about developing reliable infrastructure, promoting sustainable industries, and investing in scientific research and innovation. All three business units of AVK contribute to this goal as we design and produce innovative products, some of which are used in recycling initiatives and processes or for energy, water and infrastructure solutions. 


The sustainable transition is one of the very biggest change management projects that public and private companies are facing. Therefore, SDG 17 on Partnerships for the Goals is essential if we are to succeed with the other SDG’s. We co-operate with partners across industries, governments, authorities, the civil community and the academic world. In recent years, we have had a particular focus on partnerships within the water industry and subsequently within the area of SDG 6.

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AVK Sustainability Report 2022/2023

We aim to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and to reduce our environmental and climate impact.


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