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Water Supply
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Water Supply

For water supply, AVK offers a complete range of valves and hydrants to fit every need. With more than 40 years of experience within this business, AVK has deep-seated knowledge of solutions for water distribution, water plant work and water transmission. 

AVK offers high quality products with  special emphasis on protecting the drinking water by using rubber parts designed specifically to this application. The rubber compound approved for drinking water are of course neutral in taste, smell and colour and resistant to ozone and water treatment chemicals. Furthermore, our rubber recipes are composed with focus on minimising the formation of biofilm, and the rubber will therefore not provide breeding ground for bacteria and thus not contaminate the drinking water. 

AVK's range for water supply includes gate valves, centric and double eccentric butterfly valves, service connection valves, swing check valves, air valves, hydrants, surface boxes, couplings, tapping saddles, repair clamps, fittings and valve accessories.
  • Water Distribution

    When water has been treated in a water treatment plant, it is pumped to the consumer via a wide water distribution network. This network is made of different kinds of pipe material; typically ductile iron, PVC, steel or PE. A water distribution network usually operates at a relatively low pressure, but water pressures may vary as the pressure just needs to be sufficiently high for the water to reach consumers living in highly elevated areas relative to the pumping station. In mountainous areas, the water distribution network is divided into pressure zones which are separated by means of pressure reducing stations, gate valves and check valves. For water distribution, AVK offers various types of valves and accessories suitable for all kinds of pipe material and operating pressure such as: gate valves, centric and double eccentric butterfly valves, swing check valves, ball float valves, service connection valves and tapping saddles, air valves, couplings and flange adaptors, repair clamps, fittings, surface boxes and extension spindles. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of fire hydrants for use above ground level and for underground installations.

  • Water Plant Work

    Water for human consumption is sourced from many different locations; i.e. groundwater, surface water from lakes and rivers, and water from water reservoirs. In some parts of the world, even seawater is used after going through a desalination process. The water must be purified before use, regardless of the source. Water from certain areas may only need filtration and aeration, whereas water from other locations may need to go through a disinfection process. Water treatment is typically carried out in a water plant, in which the valves are often equipped with either electrical or pneumatic actuators to enable remote operation and control.  AVK offers a wide range of valves and accessories designed to comply with the conditions and demands in a typical water treatment plant, including gate valves, centric and double eccentric butterfly valves, swing check valves, air valves, couplings and flange adaptors, repair clamps and valve accessories.

  • Water Transmission

    The transport of water from storage facilities to distribution networks takes place through water transmission pipelines. The pressure is created either through gravity or through associated pumping stations. The water is channelled from the source, such as a reservoir, to water treatment plants and then usually pumped into service reservoirs and distribution networks to private homes and companies. For water transmission pipelines, concrete pipes, ductile iron pipes, steel pipes or GRP/GRE pipes are usually used. For pipelines in smaller dimensions plastic pipes such as HDPE may be used.  There are various reasons related to history and design why individual authorities and consulting engineers may prefer different valve types and designs. Some designers are comfortable with gate valves, others with butterfly valves – and within each valve category, several design options are available. The choice of valve may depend on project specific applications as well as availability of different pressure classes. For water transmission, AVK offers a wide range of gate valves, centric and double eccentric butterfly valves, air valves and swing check valves as well as couplings, repair clamps and valve accessories.