Water transmission

The transport of water from storage facilities to distribution networks takes place through water transmission pipelines. The pressure is created either through gravity or through associated pumping stations. The water is channelled from the source, such as a reservoir, to water treatment plants and then usually pumped into service reservoirs and distribution networks to private homes and companies.

For water transmission pipelines, concrete pipes, ductile iron pipes, steel pipes or GRP/GRE pipes are usually used. For pipelines in smaller dimensions plastic pipes such as HDPE may be used.

There are various reasons related to history and design why individual authorities and consulting engineers may prefer different valve types and designs. Some designers are comfortable with gate valves, others with butterfly valves – and within each valve category, several design options are available. The choice of valve may depend on project specific applications as well as availability of different pressure classes. For water transmission, AVK offers a wide range of gate valves, centric and double eccentric butterfly valves, air valves and swing check valves as well as couplings, repair clamps and valve accessories.