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Photo: Non-revenue water

Non-revenue water

Non-revenue water has been in focus for many years and attention is constantly drawn to the subject. And for a very good reason; we cannot afford to pump large amounts of drinking water into the ground or to use an unnecessary amount of electricity. We have to keep leakages to a minimum, and at the same time save energy to help reduce the global CO2 emission. In some parts of the world, the population and urbanization increase faster than the water supply is able to keep up with and here, it is even more important to reduce the non-revenue water.

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Non-revenue water in general

Photo: Urban water Photo: Quality valves_AVK


AVK cases in regards to non-revenue water

Photo: Drakenstein view Link to story about AVK products used in Abu Dhabi

External white papers with focus on non-revenue water

Reducing urban water loss by State of Green. Think Denmark.
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