New range of Repico® couplings in stainless steel

AVK’s range of Repico® couplings in stainless steel 316 comprises tensile “Grip” couplings for all metal pipe materials up to DN400 and non-tensile “Slip” couplings for all pipe materials up to DN2000. 05-02-2019

Ease of use

Repico® couplings offer a fast and simple installation thanks to the design with very few bolts. Only a torque wrench is needed, and the bolt tightening can be done in few minutes. Furthermore, the light-weight and compact design makes handling easy and requires only very limited space for installation. The couplings offer 2°-5° angular deflection depending on pipe size. The bolts are anti-friction coated to offer easy tightening and to prevent galling.

Progressive sealing and anchoring

Repico® couplings offer progressive sealing, which means that when the internal pressure increases, it also increases the pressure on the sealing lips and they are thus pressed against the pipe. The tensile Grip couplings also offer progressive anchoring, which means that when the internal pressure increases, the support ring is pushed outwards forcing the grip ring to grip deeper into the pipe surface.

Our standard range

We have chosen the following 8 variants as our standard range – find the full overview on our product finder or click on links below for datasheets:

Grip type (tensile) for all metal pipes:

  • 745/01-111: G (standard), EPDM for water, DN15-400
  • 745/03-111: GMP (medium pressure), EPDM for water, DN15-200
  • 745/01-112: G (standard), NBR for wastewater, DN15-400
  • 745/03-112: GMP (medium pressure), NBR for wastewater, DN15-200

Slip type (non-tensile) for all pipe materials:

  • 745/20-111: S (standard), EPDM for water, DN15-600
  • 745/20-112: S (standard), NBR for wastewater, DN15-600
  • 745/28-111: SD (two locks), EPDM for water, DN15-1000
  • 745/28-112: SD (two locks), NBR for wastewater, DN15-1000

The full Repico® range also includes couplings with FKM and silicone sealings as well as a wide range of repair clamps.

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