Knife gate valve with linear actuator

We are pleased to present the AVK knife gate valve series 702/73 with a new linear electrical actuator. It is available in DN 50-300 with the same actuator type for the complete range. 18-03-2016

When combining an AVK knife gate valve with a linear electric actuator from LINAK you get easy installation, minimum maintenance and low energy consumption. The linear electrical actuator is robust and well proven and is already installed in several wastewater treatment plants and other industrial applications.

Our solution features very easy installation and adjustment that does not require assistance from an external technician. Furthermore:

  • Very compact, low weight and minimal space requirements
  • Self-locking with very precise positioning
  • Integrates with existing control, regulation and monitoring systems
  • In case of power failure, the valve can be opened and closed manually. A battery back-up is available as an optional extra.

AVK knife gate valves with linear actuators are available with the following control boxes and battery back-up:

  • WCU BASIC for analog control 4-20mA feed-back signals
  • WCU BUS for integrated BUS-communication module (PROFIBUS)
  • WCU UPS external battery back-up unit
  • Programming unit for programming and copying of parameter

The WCU BASIC or the WCU BUS are needed in order for the knife gate valve to work. The WCU UPS is optional and relevant if backup at power failures are crucial.

The control unit is very easy to install and programme. Power and control cables are connected to the actuator by means of plugs and are easy to replace. The unit can be integrated into existing monitoring and control systems. If a power failure should occur, and a WCU UPS battery back-up is not connected, it is possible to open and close the valve manually.

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