Flanged ball check valves in stainless steel

We are happy to introduce our new flanged ball check valves in acid-proof cast stainless steel 316 / 1.4408. 24-06-2020

The stainless steel ball check valves with flanges are available in DN80, DN100 and DN150. They are designed according to EN 12050-4 and rated to max. 10 bar like the other ball check valves in our range. See datasheet 53/42-001 for more details.

Typical applications are:

  • in pump pressure lines, often installed in prefabricated chambers placed along coastlines, where the salt content of air and wastewater is relatively high.
  • in wastewater treatment plants for receipt of aggressive fluids from chemical and petrochemical plants.
  • for district cooling where seawater is used as cooling medium

They are primarily designed for wastewater. For drinking water we recommend our swing check valves series 41.

The new valves  complement our existing range of ball check valves in stainless steel with internal threads in DN32-80 and our range in ductile iron comprising valves with flanges in DN50-600 and with internal BSP threads in DN32-50. Go to our complete range. 

Features of AVK’s ball check valve range:

  • Self-cleaning construction
  • Full and smooth bore ensures low head loss 
  • Tightness at minimum back pressure 
  • Polyurethane balls available for abrasive media 
  • Different ball weights available for prevention of noise and water hammer
  • Wide range available up to DN600

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Ball check valves

AVK offers ball check valves in DN 32-600 with NBR lined ball as standard and with polyurethane balls for abrasive media or when different ball weights are needed to prevent noise and water hammer. They can be installed in both horisontal and vertical positions.
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