Niels Aage Kjær steps down as CEO

The AVK Group's CEO for more than 53 years, Niels Aage Kjær, has chosen to step down as CEO and becomes Chairman of the AVK Holding Board 02-10-2023

Niels Aage Kjær has decided to retire from the Executive Director role and to take the role as Chairman of the AVK Holding Board.

A Group Executive Board will be established with the overall responsibility for the Group. The AVK Group Executive Board will consist of CFO, Lars Kudsk, COO, Bo Johansen, and CTO, Søren Kjær, Group Director AVK Water, Morten Sæderup Nielsen, Group Director AVK Advanced Manufacturing, Jacob Kjær, Group Director AVK Industrial Finn Langballe, Sales Excellence & Marketing Director, Anne-Mette Kjær, and Communication, Learning & Leadership Director, Pernille Kjær.

Carsten Fode, who has been the Chairman of the AVK Holding Board, will continue as a member of the AVK Holding Board. Søren Østergaard Sørensen will take on a role as Executive Advisor to the Chairman of the AVK Holding Board.

The above changes are part of a planned generational change in the top management of the AVK Group, and we are pleased that the organisational structure is in place to ensure our future positive development.
“I am confident that the new structure will enable AVK to take the next step into the future and deliver on the strategic goals set out for the coming years”, says Niels Aage Kjær.
The organisational changes will take effect on 1 October 2023.