Introduction to AVK fire hydrants

Firemen depend fully on valves and fire hydrants that function perfectly, since they are installed in systems aimed to protect and save lives and safeguard valuables. Therefore, we offer high-quality fire hydrants that comply with international standards.

Leading supplier of fire hydrants

AVK is a leading supplier of fire hydrants and fittings for water supply and fire protection, and we have a long tradition of producing high-quality fire hydrants, both inhouse and through acquired companies such as Mittelmann Armaturen in Germany and SMHM in France. Our development and production of fire hydrants benefit from the many years of experience, and the development process has always been focusing on the needs of our customers and the increasing market demands.

Our fire hydrants are manufactured to all European standards. We turn global feedback and ideas into new constructions, and all fire hydrants are tested together with our end customers, enabling us to offer the best solutions for all applications.

Our product range consists of a variety of UL/FM approved fire hydrants, above-ground fire hydrants and underground fire hydrants.

UL listed and FM approved fire hydrants

We always aim at the highest quality, and most of our products for fire protection applications are approved according to both UL and FM. This includes our dry and wet barrel fire hydrants.

Dry barrel fire hydrants are primarily designed for areas with frost, whereas wet barrel fire hydrants mainly are designed for non-frost areas. AVK dry barrel and wet barrel fire hydrants are rated for high working pressure and designed for easy maintenance and repair, and they meet or exceed AWWA requirements.

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Above-ground fire hydrants

AVK Armaturen in Germany has a state-of-the-art assembly and test station for above-ground fire hydrants and fire hydrants with long pipe cover. After assembly, pressure tests are carried out at this station. As an additional setup is thus not needed, this reduces the time for overall assembly.

The above-ground fire hydrants offer a high level of safety due to a predetermined breaking point, protected signal colouring, easy maintenance and optimal sealing.

Our standard range includes among other variants fire hydrants with manual or automatic drainage and with single shut-off or additional ball shut-off.

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Underground fire hydrants

AVK underground fire hydrants require only a minimum of maintenance. They have superior corrosion protection, pressurized water protection, protected threaded connections, automatic drainage, ergonomic handling and optimal sealing.

Our range of underground fire hydrants offers single shut-off fire hydrants with one-piece housing, double shut-off fire hydrants with two-piece housing, free flow fire hydrants and fire hydrants with backflow protection.

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Fire hydrants with corrosion protection in highest quality

AVK fire hydrants are coated with epoxy resin powder in compliance with DIN 3476 part 1 and EN 14901, and are GSK approved. Each batch of epoxy coated components is controlled to ensure a layer thickness of minimum 250 μm, a pore-free surface, high impact resistance and adequate curing.  In addition to our own tests, the independent GSK authorities control the adhesion and cathodic disbonding of the epoxy coating according to their guidelines.

In 2017, the AVK Group took over EMK‘s enamel facilities, and we now have in-house capacity to produce enamelled fire hydrants of our well-known high quality. The enamel is applied to the surface of the products and then burned at high temperatures in the enamel furnace.

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